Richard P Parsons

My Disclaimer

I have been an enthusiastic user of the Internet for over ten years
and have learnt much from exploring the information which others
have chosen to publish online. However, financial success has thus
far been elusive. I continue to study the activities of those who
appear to have developed systems which lead people to make
purchases online and my 'free to advertise' website contains links to
many of these resources. Most will initially cost only a person's time.

No man is an island and I am very aware that it is important to find
business partners with whom to collaborate. The most successful
people recognise the importance of working with mentors who can
be expected to give objective opinion about a given course of action.

I am particularly fortunate, through my Ecademy membership, to
have access to some of the most capable business people in the
World today. In particular, Thomas Power, the Chairman of Ecademy
and his wife, Penny, who is credited with the idea for the Ecademy.

I firmly believe that everybody must do their own research before
making a commitment to any course of action which will involve their
time and/or their money. A person's time is a precious, finite resource.

Responsibility for the outcome of a project can really only
come about as the result of a contractual involvement, IMO.

Many of my Webpages contain Affiliate Marketing links.
Show your support for one of my initiatives by joining!

Commissions are paid whenever transactions occur!

Updated on 07-Sep-2009

Many companies are now using affiliate marketing to save on the cost
of sales and distribution. Evaluation of the risks associated with any
new affiliate business are often best discussed in a MasterMind Group.

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