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I will define snake oil sales as being the sale of goods and/or services where it
has NOT been proven that there is a need or a want. Now, this may sound a bit
extreme because each one of us has a need for some things in life and a desire
for other things which might not actually be necessary for sustaining life.

From an Internet Marketing perspective, there are many online services which
will achieve much the same objective of communicating with both prospective
clients and potential business partners. Most are free to join, simply because
there is so much choice! Eventually, of course, there comes a time when only a
'paid for' product or service will deliver the full functionality which the customer
or client will require in order to receive the promised benefit and/or value.

As the hyperlinks below will demonstrate, I have explored many of the home
based business opportunities promoted on the Internet today and I believe I am
able to offer a practical opinion about those where I have first-hand experience.

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